Sunday, 26 August 2012

What are gutchecks?

Gutchecks are posts on the forum about whether you think a movie is going to perform better or worse than its price on HSX over its opening weekend .  Gutchecks are only made on the day the movie is opening in theatres.

Gutchecks allow traders to have a discussion about their thoughts on the weekend's openers, helping to build HSX as a community.

Under the original HSX system, moviestocks for weekend openers would halt on their opening day.  Now that openers do not halt until Saturday, well after the first box office numbers are in, gutchecks are now made for opening weekend warrants.

Gutchecks are technically a call to action - in that posting how you think a movie will do without providing supporting reasoning encourages other traders to buy or short the movies to do likewise.  Calls to action are generally forbidden by the HSX Code of Conduct.  However, gutchecks are an exception to the rule - as they are made on the day the movie is opening in theatres, there is limited opportunity to impact the price before they halt for the weekend.

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