Friday, 30 November 2012

Why should I show my math?

Say you want to post on the boards that a moviestock is arb, or make your estimates at an upcoming moviestock adjust or delist, or a starbond adjust.

When you do this, its good practice to show your math.  This is because it substantiates your post and makes it easier for other people to see what you are talking about.

It's important to substantiate your post, because when you give easy answers such as "This moviestock will delist above this price" you're basically giving a call to action.  Posting your math helps build your credibility with the rest of the community and protects you from being seen as a manipulator.

And it's also important for other people to see what you are talking about because maybe, just maybe, you're making a mistake.  Posting your math means that other people can check it, and either confirm that you are right, or correct your mistake.

Okay, so it can be a little embarrassing to have your math corrected.  But at least you'll learn something.

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