Tuesday, 12 March 2013

What's the deal with PINK2?

PINK2 is one of the oldest moviestocks on HSX, having IPOd on 13 July 1998.  PINK2 is also one of the oldest running jokes on HSX.

Even way back in the HSX equivalent of the Paleozoic Era, it was obvious to almost every trader that a sequel to the seminal 80s teen-angst movie Pretty in Pink would never be made but the moviestock still hung around on the exchange.  It quickly became an in-joke, and when new traders asked for advice, there was always someone to encourage them to buy PINK2.  The joke became so widely recognised that posts telling traders to "Buy PINK2!!!" became the unwritten exception to the rules about calls to action.

Of course, now it is several generations of traders later and almost none of the people who were around when PINK2-mania was at its height are still playing HSX. But PINK2 still gets a mention on the boards every now and then, and it would be the HSX equivalent of sacrilege if it is ever dead delisted.

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