Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Chart of the Week: Furious 7

Being the seventh entry in a franchise known for being front-loaded, Furious 7 shouldn't have expectations for a high delist. However, this outing is the most popular yet with an enormous opening weekend, an A rating on Cinemascore, 81% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and no competition until its fourth weekend.  Does this mean FAST7 has legs?

Here is Furious 7's performance up until Monday, 13 April compared with all the previous Fast and Furious movies:

The first movie was the best performing of the lot - nearly delisting at its adjust price, even though it had a 2.9 multiplier.  FFUR2 had shorter legs, as sequels generally do, but FFUR3 had a better post-adjust performance which is surprising given that it was completely re-cast.  The original cast reunion in FFUR4 had the worst legs out of the franchise, but FFUR5 - when the franchise became more about heists than street-racing - did better with a delist at 80% of its adjust price, and FAST6, a Memorial Day release did even better, delisting at 85.3% of its adjust price.

Right now, FAST7 is tracking about halfway between the fifth and sixth movies and if it stays on this course it will delist at around 82.5% of its adjust - which would be H$327.86.

Next week we'll be checking back on FAST7 to see if this trend continues.

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