Sunday, 1 July 2012

Should I tag a moviestock every time I mention it in the forums?

No. You should only tag a moviestock or starbond when you are posting about news.

Tagging is a system where you can attach a tag to a forum post, and that creates a link to the post from the relevant moviestock (or starbond, or whatever) page.

You can tag a moviestock (or starbond, or whatever) by including the relevant ticker symbol within square brackets in your post.

What tagging does is create a short list of news that is relevant to the moviestock.  If you want to see a history of news relating to a moviestock or starbond, you can to go the relevant page and see links to the last ten or so times the stock was tagged.

This is why the decision to tag or not to tag is taken so seriously.  People want to see a list of important news, not duplicated or irrelevant information.  Also, the moviestock and starbond pages are limited to ten tagged posts per page. People don't want to lose easy links to useful posts.

For these reasons, before you do tag some news, check the relevant moviestock or starbond page to ensure the news hasn't been tagged already.

Tags which are not appropriate are generally removed by the forum moderator.  If in doubt, it's better to not tag and have someone else tag it, than it is to tag and have your information removed from the forum.

If you do tag incorrectly and your post is removed, don't take it personally.  Though if you do, it provides great entertainment for forum watchers.

Here are some examples of tag-worthy news:
  • a green-light
  • movie casting news involving starbond-ed actors or directors
  • a new production date
  • a new release date
  • a new trailer

And here are some examples of items that are not tag-worthy
  • news that is already reflected on the moviestock page
  • casting news involving actors without a starbond
  • casting news involving television or other non-movie projects
  • speculation that an actor may be cast in a movie
  • news about a movie's release outside of the US
  • news about the movie launching a website
  • reviews of the movie
  • opening weekend predictions and estimates, including predictions from RS and MTC
  • what your thoughts about the movie are
  • questions you have about the movie
  • things that have nothing to do with the movie


  1. What should you do if you get news of a movie that has not been discussed on the forum and had not been recognized by with a moviestock?

  2. There's no Moviestock, so there's nothing to tag. You can still post the news though.