Sunday, 29 July 2012

What's the deal with delisting old moviestocks?

A moviestock is eligible for delist if it has been three years or longer since the last news about the project. These are called dead delists.

Moviestocks that are dead delisted cash out at $0. Only moviestocks that are in the Concept stage are dead delisted.

Moviestock delists happen several times a year. Traders are not given advance notice of when they will occur, and the delists are only noted on the calendar after they have occurred. Dead delists usually happen on a Friday.

Occasionally a moviestock might dead delist before its three years of inactivity are up. This can happen, say, when a studio publicly announces that it is no longer continuing development of a movie.

Moviestock delists can obviously be profitable - if you short them, you are doubling your investment. But they are just as obviously speculative - as no one knows which moviestocks are going to delist, or when. Smaller portfolios should avoid them - these investments are for larger portfolios that have more cash than good investment opportunities.

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