Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Are there any rules I should know about posting on the HSX Forums?

Yes, there is a code of conduct that applies to HSX.  There are two basic rules - don't be a jerk on the community forums, and don't be a jerk who manipulates the market.

While the code of conduct is no longer available on HSX, it still applies today and sets out the community rules for traders.  A copy of the code of conduct is reproduced here:

HSX Talk Boards Code of Conduct

Only registered HSX Traders may post to the Talk Boards. By posting a message to the boards, you are deemed to have agreed to this code of conduct. Offending posts may be deleted at the discretion of HSX. Offenders are subject to be scribbled, where the subject of a message is censored, or banned outright from the boards.

HSX provides the Talk Boards as a forum for players to share ideas and opinions. Over time, a community has formed and guidelines evolved on proper etiquettes. The following are what you should know before posting a message on the Talk Boards.

  • Foul and explicit language are inappropriate in the Subject Line.
  • Rude comments, inflammatory remarks, and personal attacks are not allowed at all.
  • Impersonating HSX employees and players with intent to mislead is prohibited.
  • Posts containing advertising, promotions and other solicitations are not welcomed.
  • Do not post the same message repeatedly (a.k.a. spamming).
  • Avoid using all capital letters in the subject line. This is equivalent to shouting.
  • Refrain from putting spoilers in the subject line. A spoiler is giving away a key plot point from a television show or movie. Put it inside the message prefaced with the word 'spoiler' in the subject line. 

In addition, the following conducts are considered Market Manipulation, which is illegal on HSX and offenders will be assessed fines.

  • Using multiple names/accounts to pretend to be different people to fake grassroots support in the community (a.k.a. astroturfing)Repeat posting of identical security information by the same individual
  • Posting false or misleading information
  • Posting your recent trade transaction (i.e. I just bought XXYYZ.)
  • Posting your limit order or a future trade transaction (i.e. I will sell at H$100)
  • Posting a call to action on a security (i.e. Buy XXYYZ!)
  • Posting stock movements (i.e. XXYYZ is up 2!)
  • Posting your portfolio, or a section of your portfolio

This list is not meant to be complete. The determinations of whether conduct constitutes manipulation will be at the sole discretion of HSX.

Here are pointers on how to avoid being construed as a manipulator on the Talk Boards:

  • Stick to the same Handle and Username for all posts 
  • If possible, provide a link to the information you are posting 
  • Post your opinion as a position on a security (i.e. I am holding XXYYZ long/short), rather than as a trade transaction or as a call to action 
  • Offer opinion and/or information to support statements made about a security (i.e. I am long/short on XXYYZ because…) 

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