Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Why doesn't this actor have a starbond?

It's one of two reasons. Either:

  • the actor has not landed enough lead roles in movies, or

  • the actor has landed enough lead roles, but HSX hasn't gotten around to creating the starbond.

The general guideline is that an actor has to have both past and future lead roles in movies to be considered for a starbond.

Past lead roles are important because it means the actor is prominent enough to warrant a starbond, and it means that he or she has a box office history that can be used to calculate their trailing average gross (TAG).

Future lead roles are important because it means that the starbond will have at least one adjust in the near future.  There is little benefit to traders in having a new starbond that will not adjust any time soon.

A lead role doesn't have to be the "leading" role.  The love interest, the lead villain, and the comic relief are all examples of common lead roles.  And not every role on the actor's CV has to be a lead role, but the actor has to have at least one or two of them to be considered.

If HSX hasn't got around to creating a starbond for your favourite actor (or director), you can request new starbonds by emailing macdaddy at hsx.com.  Be sure to include a list of past and future credits, with links to any relevant publicity materials that credit the actor.

Starbond IPOs usually happen at the rate of one per week, and there is a waiting list that does not operate on a first come, first served basis.  This means, for example:

  • an actor credited in a movie opening next month will generally get their starbond before an actor whose next movie opens next year. 
  • an actor headlining a major studio release will generally get their starbond ahead of an actor headlining a small independent movie.
  • an actor that people recognise - say, because of their role in a hit TV series - will get their starbond sooner than a character actor people recognise as "that actor from that movie, you know, the one with that other guy".
  • an actor in a movie currently in release usually won't get a starbond until after that movie has delisted.

So if you do request a new starbond, be patient.

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