Thursday, 5 July 2012

Why do people say "the calendar is your friend"?

Because the calendar actually is your friend.  It contains answers for many of the questions you may have, such as:

  • what is the formula used to calculate the moviestock adjusts?
  • what moviestocks are cashing out?
  • what starbonds are adjusting next week?
  • when is a moviestock IPOing?
  • when do moviestocks, starbonds, opening warrants, calls and puts halt trading?
  • when do adjusts for moviestocks and starbonds happen?
  • when do cash outs for securities like moviestocks, opening warrants, calls and puts happen?
So if you have any questions like these, you should check the calendar first.  It's a lot faster than posting in the forum and waiting for someone to tell you to check the calendar.

The calendar is available here, or you can click on the News & Events menu and select Market Calendar from the drop-down.

You can also find next week's calendar by clicking "Next Week" on the top right of the calendar page.  A new calendar comes out every Tuesday afternoon Pacific time, after the starbond adjusts.

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