Monday, 22 October 2012

Can I have two HSX accounts?

Well, ummm... I suppose so, but it's not really recommended.

The reason multiple accounts are discouraged is their potential for misuse.  Trading moviestocks affects their price.  One way to magnify that is to have multiple portfolios making the same trades at the same time.  More trades in the same direction means bigger price swings, which the trader knows about.

Obviously, this price manipulation is illegal, and traders who are caught with multiple trading accounts will face stiff, immediate and non-appellable penalties from HSX - such as having your multiple accounts closed down and losing 25 per cent of your main port's value.

Intent doesn't really matter, so "I didn't mean to, it was an innocent mistake" is irrelevant - as several traders on HSX have learned to their regret.  Also, traders are frequently outed by other traders, either on the HSX boards or in the Neighborhood Watch column on the HSX Dude, which is pretty embarrassing.

If you must maintain more than one port - say, one for long-term investments and another for YTD - make sure it is clear that they are used for different purposes by not trading the same securities on the same day.  There is an exception to this - after moviestocks and starbonds are adjusted, they will remain frozen at their new price until reset at midnight PST.  Trading in these newly-adjusted securities will not affect price, so trades by multiple ports are allowed.

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