Monday, 22 October 2012

Where do I find basic information about HSX?

At the bottom left on every page on HSX, you can find links to the Help section, including Help Topics, FAQs and the Glossary.

The Help Topics section contains basic information about HSX - how the game works, how to set up an account, what moviestocks and starbonds are, and how to make buy, sell, short and cover securities.  This is essential reading for new traders, and the What Can Be Traded and Ways To Trade sections are especially important.

Obviously, the FAQ section contains answers to frequently asked questions that new traders have once they have become more familiar with the game.  In particular, it describes how moviestock and starbond adjusts work, as well as some of the more arcane rules about starbonds.  If there is a question about HSX that you are not sure of, check this section first.

The Glossary is a list of HSX terms and their definitions, so if you need more information about a  particular concept, look here.  In particular, you will want to check out the following definitions:

  • Adjust Price, which lists the different multipliers used to calculate moviestock adjusts
  • Cash-Out Price, which explains how cash-outs work and how long moviestocks remain on HSX after release
  • Trailing Average Gross, which sets out how a starbond's TAG is calculated.

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