Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What happens if an actor with a starbond dies?

In the unfortunate event that an actor (or director) with a starbond dies, HSX will delist the starbond at its Trailing Average Gross (TAG).

Because a starbond's current price will often differ from its TAG, the starbond is halted immediately after HSX learns the news.  This is to prevent macabre traders profiting from a star's death.  So keep an eye on the news and get in quick!

There is one extremely rare exception to this - if an actor dies while a movie they appear in is in release, HSX may decide to wait until the starbond has adjusted for that movie, and then delist the starbond at the new TAG.  This is so traders who invested in the starbond to anticipate its next adjust are not disadvantaged.

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