Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What is a call to action?

A call to action is where someone posts on the HSX community forums to urge other traders to make a particular trade.

Examples of calls to action include:

      "XXXXX looks awesome! Buy XXXXX!!!"

      "I just bought XXXXX!!"

      "XXXXX is gonna be huge!!!  It's trending through the roof!!!!"

      "XXXXX is up by $1!!!"

      "Why are people selling XXXXX?!??!!"

Calls to action like these usually end up scribbled by HSX, and deservedly mocked by other posters on the board for treating everyone like morons.

If you want to discuss a particular moviestock (or starbond or whatever), it is a good idea to provide one or both of the following to back up your opinion:
  • math - such as current box office, internal multipliers and delist multipliers for comparable movies, or calculations of future starbond adjusts
  • reasoning - how you have arrived at your opinion, like what you think of the film's casting, or its marketing, or its appeal to its target audience.
Be prepared for your math and reasoning to be challenged, and for other traders to have different opinions to you.  The traders who reply to your post are more likely to be the ones who disagree with it.

One of the satisfying things about HSX is that opinions are proved right or wrong every week.  Take it on the chin if you turn out to be wrong, and don't crow about it too much if you turn out to be right, because chances are you'll be wrong next week.

One last piece of advice - don't ask why a certain price is rising or falling if it has changed by some piffling amount, like under a dollar. It just makes you look like a whiner.

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